My Top 5 Eye Shadow Palletes

First of all, I want to share the news that I am now the proud owner of and I’m super psyched. My brother is working on a logo for me right now and my mom is going to help me design my new website, so I will update y’all whenever it’s officially up and running. Until that wonderful day comes, I’ll still be updating this blog somewhat regularly and reposting them on the new site – this way both have the same content and I don’t have to completely restart posts on the new site.

Now that I’ve shared my exciting news, here are my top 5 (in no particular order) eye shadow palletes that I probably couldn’t live without.

Lorac Pro Metal Eye Shadow Pallete – $28

This pallete has so much pigment and is shimmery (I am a huge fan of all things glitter…) and sparkly and I’m just in love with it. It also has great colors for complementing blue or green eyes. My most used colors on it are Rose Gold and Amber because it makes my eyes pop.

BH Cosmetics Neutral Eyes 28 Color Eye Shadow Palette – $12

I love the matte colors on this pallete. Yes, I love sparkle, but sometimes a girl needs something to tone down all the glitter in her life… or just a good transition color. The pigments aren’t too bright, but I’ve found that using primer before applying helps with the application and color. Plus, it’s super affordable and has a good mix of matte and glitter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Eye Shadow Palette – N/A

I absolutely love everything about this pallete: the colors, the texture, the application, the pigment, and especially the ultra glittery color (Pink Champagne). It’s a holiday pallete and my mom got it for me for Christmas, so sadly it’s no longer available otherwise it would be a definite repurchase for me.

Ulta Smolder Makeup Palette – N/A

So I got a makeup look book of sorts from Ulta one day and now I can’t find the price or a link to it anywhere… So either it was limited edition, a free gift, or just fell out of the sky in front of me just shouting at me to get it… But I am in love with glitter colors on here. Diamond Sparkle is a great silver glitter and applies well with a lot of glitter, however, I highly recommend using a glitter primer before using any glitter shadow.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette – $54

I absolutely love this pallete. I have two of them, one came to me as a gift and the other came recently as a free extra for buying my prom dress at a boutique in my area. The newer one seems to have an updated casing and colors. I love the newer colors since they seem brighter and some have a prettier tint to it (ex. Busted has a lilac tone to it which makes it much lighter). I always love how pigmented and how easily the shadows from Urban Decay apply to my lid. This palette is possibly the most expensive but the quality is worth the splurge.

These are my top 5 out of a drawer full of palletes in my vanity. Each one has at least one color that I’m in love with and would use everyday if possible, but i would prefer to not look like a clown… Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments what you think or comment any ideas you have for a post tomorrow. Positive feedback is always welcome! I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on my new site and I’ll post again soon!






My Top Beauty Products

I am generally known to buy cheap brands for all of my makeup (except eyeshadow of course) and these are some of my favorites that I typically use everyday. My makeup steps stay the same and I typically only change my eyeshadow colors/techniques depending on the look I’m going for.


  • Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation by Nyx – $7.50
  • Mineral Infused Face Primer, Clear by E.L.F. Cosmetics – $6
  • Fake Up Concealer by Benefit – $24
    • I also use E.L.F Cosmetics Concealer for a cheap alternative


  • Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow Contouring Kit by BH Cosmetics – $12.50 orig. $23      (this site almost always seems to be on sale…)
    •  I only ever use the blush on this because the color blends nicely and I don’t have any other blushes that aren’t too dark or too bright for my skin.

 Eye Primer:

*These primers are some that I’ve had for a while and were given to me*

  • Glitter Glue Glitter Shadow Primer by Too Faced – $20
    • This works wonderfully when I’m using a sheer/glittery shadow. It’s tacky, but doesn’t feel heavy on my eyelid. It helps keep any excess shadow from falling onto my cheekbones and makes the color seem brighter. WARNING: Do not use on crease. Only apply on area you wish to use glitter on. Once shadow is on this primer, it will not blend due to the tacky texture the primer has.
  • Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay – $20
    • I absolutely love this stuff. It’s creamy and makes my eyeshadow last longer.


  • Self-Made Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills – $49
    • This was a Christmas gift from my mom and I absolutely love it, however it’s no longer available since it’s limited edition. The color I use the most on it is called Pink Champagne and can be found on some of their other palettes.
  • Naked 1-3 by Urban Decay – $54 each
    • I absolutely love these and use them based on what my mood is.
      • Naked: Natural/Highlight my blue eyes
      • Naked 2: Light Smokey Eye/Darker crease
      • Naked 3: Pink tones for my blue eyes


  • Pin-Up Tease Mascara by Nyx – $6
  • Huge: Extreme Lash Mascara by Stila – $23
  • Expressionist Mascara by Well People – $23.50


  • Slide On Eye Pencil, Gun Metal by Nyx – $8
  • Slim Eye Pencil, Black by Nyx – $3.50
  • Eye Crayon, Little White Lies by Ulta – $8
  • Fat Liquid Eyeliner, Black by Eyeko – $18

*The eyeliner I use varies on what look I’m shooting for. I typically use Eyeko for my lid/wing, Nyx for bottom lash line, and Ulta Eye Crayon for my waterline*


  • Flawless Brow Trio by BH Cosmetics – $5.50
  • Flawless Brow Highlight by BH Cosmetics – $5
  • Eyebrow Shaper by Nyx- $8.75


  • Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick, Red 30 by Covergirl – $7
  • Matte Lipstick, Couture by Nyx – $6
  • Matte Lipstick, Eden by Nyx – $6
  • Matte Lipstick, Sable by Nyx – $6
  • Butter Lipstick, Hunk by Nyx – $6
  • Lip Primer by Nyx – $7


  • Makeup Setting Spray, Matte Finish by Nyx – $8
  • Studio Finishing Powder by Nyx – $10

These are all products that I live by- especially the Matte Lipsticks by Nyx. I’m starting to form a new love for Nyx’s Matte Lip Creme in the colors Moscow and Copenhagen. Also, all the prices listed are either from the site I ordered them on or the drugstore price I got them for. Prices may vary depending on location and store they’re bought from.

Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Please leave suggestions for my next post, a video, or ways to improve. Talk to you next time, lovelies.